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The Hat Wearing Raccoon

Imagine trying to find a picture of a raccoon 40 years ago. You'd need to go to a library or have a book about raccoons. Today, with the internet and mobile phones, it's just a click away. 

This ease has opened up new possibilities, like a raccoon wearing a hat. Seeing one 40 years ago was so difficult it was rarely even thought about. Similarly, modern automation is making things that seem impossible easy to achieve. 

Efficiency is important in manufacturing, but safety is crucial. I've seen firsthand the life-changing impact when safety fails. 

Whether you need a fresh perspective, more help, or technical know-how, let's work together to make work safer and more efficient.

How am I different?

On average, I've been able to quadruple throughput for my clients.

Professional Experience

Senior automation engineer and published inventor

Consulting & Development

Independent strategy advise with the experience to make it happen too

Client Centric

Solutions tailored to your needs instead of corralling your needs into preexisting solutions

Experience the difference yourself

Happy clients

See what people are saying

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Free humans to be safer and more creative

Automate the mundane and repetitive

Replace the dangerous

Increase speed and accuracy of 

Save cost and weight by consolidating assemblies

Personalize and develop efficiently

Optimize process and downtime

Efficiently draw the right conclusions

Make informed decisions

Create your tailored combination

How does this work?

I'll meet you where you're at and get you where you want to go

Assessment & Strategy

Kidlin's law says clearly defining a problem means it's already half solved. The best solution may exist or need to be developed.

Change Management

The #1 reason transformations fail is lack of buy in from leadership. I'll ensure everyone involved understands the why, what, and how of the change. 

Development & Implementation

Pareto's principle says 80% of the results come with 20% of the effort. I can get you started or see it through to optimization, your choice.

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