Freeing Humans by Enslaving Machines

 This is next-gen automation consulting and development based out of Portland, OR. 

Modern tech used to be underestimated, in the age of AI it's being overestimated. Either way, it's misunderstood and oversold. 

I started this company to bridge the gap between ideas and results.


People bend tech to their will, living efficient and fulfilling lives


To provide the knowledge required to manipulate technology

Company Name


Eff-ee Kar-doe-zuh


Steel is made from Iron and Carbon. Iron's elemental symbol is Fe, Carbon's is C. 

FeCardoza is the chemical formula for my name, Steel Cardoza.

Steel Cardoza

Founder | Inventor | Engineer

Always driven by an inability to accept the status quo and an insatiable desire to know how things work, I have fundamentally revolutionized every system I've worked with. 

My Story

Hailing from the University of Michigan with a Master of Materials Science and Engineering, my neurobiology lab was struggling to create more complex behavioral arenas to test the world's most popular model organism. Existing options were not working so I decided to invent a 3D printer that could print the arena material itself, resulting in three-dimensional mazes, instead of the normal two. I managed and developed the project end-to-end, from grant proposal to publication in the International Journal of Bioprinting. 

That robotics experience led me to disrupting a worldwide billion dollar industry with another invention. A proprietary adhesive system allowed what was once a mundane labor intensive task to be automated and create higher quality jobs.

I also have experience innovating inside two of the most prestigious manufacturing corporations

One was the world's largest company for decades. They had set aside 16 months to analyze tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, and hundreds of thousands of measurements for optimal maintenance downtime. I knew there was a better way and through my unique expertise was able to complete it in under 4 months with increased accuracy. This saved the company more than a year at the time, and since that system is still in use I am perpetually saving them time.

The other company boasts the most expensive manufacturing space ever. Here, dimensional measurements critical to process improvement decisions were made manually, limiting pace. I founded the award winning team that automated that process, drastically reducing throughput time while increasing volume from a few thousand to a few million measurements per week.

In my career, I saw endless opportunities for using tech to make things more efficient. I saw hesitance to change mainly because of lack of confidence. Now, I'm offering my consulting and development services to work on interesting and impactful projects and ensure their success. My main focus is the energy industry, but I have worked in many facets of the manufacturing industry.