Computer Vision

Automate visual decisions. Process optimization through monitoring and measurements

Why consider Computer Vision?

Computer Vision technology opens up a world of possibilities for automating tasks, enhancing quality control, and optimizing processes across industries. Whether you're looking to streamline manufacturing operations, automate inspection processes, or improve safety protocols, Computer Vision solutions provide the tools to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency. By partnering with a seasoned Computer Vision consultant, you can use the full potential of visual data in driving informed decision-making and achieving operational excellence.

Computer Vision consulting and development involve leveraging cutting-edge technology to extract meaningful insights from visual data. While many solutions rely solely on AI models, my approach distinguishes itself by utilizing direct algorithms. These algorithms are meticulously crafted to be simpler, faster, and more accurate, offering a unique advantage in various applications.

How are my Computer Vision services unique?

I bring a distinct approach to Computer Vision solutions. While AI models have their place, my expertise lies in crafting direct algorithms that offer simplicity, speed, and accuracy. By prioritizing direct algorithms, I ensure solutions that are easier to maintain and faster to deploy, while often improving performance. 

AI absolutely has it's place in computer vision.. Accuracy rates for a well normalized and robust AI model can be 98%, but algorithms can be 99.9%+. You'll need some specific logic for measurements. There's plenty less compute intensive, and more robust options besides AI available.

Whether you're in need of custom Computer Vision algorithms or integration with existing systems, I deliver tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements and goals.

These services are useful in Robotic decision making and Additive Manufacturing process monitoring as well.

What Computer Vision services am I offering?

My Computer Vision case studies

Due to confidentiality reasons, specific details about my projects are limited. I prioritize safeguarding my clients' proprietary information.

Automated Failure Analysis Metrology

Led a team in automating failure analysis metrology, developing and maintaining hundreds of direct algorithms, some incorporating AI models, to generate millions of accurate measurements weekly, all with a 99.6%+ accuracy rate.

Live Inference for Inspection Data Optimization

Implemented live inference of inspection data to streamline data gathering processes, enabling real-time indication of areas requiring further data collection and analysis.

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